3 types of tile flooring that are popular around the world


The flooring that you use in your home defines the entire look of your home and it plays a key role in decoration as well. Because of this particular reason people invest a good amount of money and time in their home flooring and here are three 3 types of tile flooring that are most popular around the world.


Mosaic Tiles: Mosaic tiles are made up of porcelain, ceramic and glass and it comes in small square shape. The usual size of the mosaic tiles is less than 2 inches and designers or flooring decorators create different shape, image or patter with the help of these mosaic tiles. They combine mosaic tiles with vinyl flooring to create a more unique and attractive flooring design. The best thing about mosaic tile is that you just need to know measurement of each box to install them properly. A quality carpet cleaning Tampa Fl company will deep clean all types of tile.


Ceramic Tiles: People use this type of tile for their garage and other similar place to give a comfortable and cool look. These tiles are very slippery that’s why it is suggested that people should check the abrasiveness before installing it in their home. These tiles may also get stain quickly that’s why it is suggested that people should take care of edges at the time of installation to avoid any future problem in looks.


Vinyl tile: In today’s time this is the most popular type of tile flooring and it can create a variety of looks that makes it a first choice for every decorator. Its design can range from wooden look, traditional ceramic look, Greek look and a lot of other designs as well. In addition to great look this tile provide durability as well and installation of this tile is much cheaper compare to other type of tiles that makes it a perfect tile flooring for home or offices.