Carpet cleaning tips

Regular carpet cleaning is crucial is extending its lifespan. If not cleaned, carpets absorb and accumulate stain-causing substances like dirt, grease and oils leading to mildew and odor. To eliminate these allergens and prevent organisms like carpet bugs and carpet beetles from inhabiting your carpet a routine carpet cleaning is necessary.
Carpet cleaning tips
Doormats are very important in keeping the carpet in perfect shape. Therefore ensure that you have a doormat outside the entrance of the house and inside as well. Besides improving the appearance of the house they help remove dirt from people’s shoes before they enter your house thus keeping the carpet clean.

Treat a stain immediately it touches your carpet, but don’t make a mistake of scrubbing it. Scrubbing will not only destroy the carpet fibers but also push the stain deep into the carpet. The carpet may appear clean for a while but the stain will move to the surface of the carpet the following day. To effectively remove a stain place white terry towel on the stain, then put a heavy load e.g. books on top of the towel and leave them overnight. In the morning the stain will be gone.

Pet urine:
If a cat or a dog urinates on the carpet, place a white terry towel on the stain and step on it, with your right feet and stepping move the terry towel around until the yellow urine stains disappears. Pour white vinegar directly into the stain and leave it for several hours. Place another terry towel on the stain and then put a heavy load on it for 2 hours. At the end of 2 hours the area will be dry and odor-free, but to be sure sprinkle baking soda on the stained area and leave it overnight then vacuum clean it in the morning.

Regular vacuuming, is the most important way of keeping your carpet it in good condition. Vacuuming removes surface dirt as well as dirty that is located deep inside the carpet fibers. Always vacuum a carpet twice, in opposite directions, just like a grid so as to obtain maximum cleaning power. Hiring a carpet cleaning Wesley Chapel Fl company will make getting those tough spots out of your carpet a breeze.
When cleaning your carpet always use the correct cleaning method with regard to the dirt or stain so as to achieve good results.